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New Album Coming Up

Arriving shortly on a streaming platform near you

Kollage A collection of instrumental guitar pieces, including several duets and trios. Next to several solo pieces for acoustic guitar, there are contributions on fretless bass by Peter Schrooder, Violin by Eddy Solomon, and flute, by Hanneke van der Wee.Production is now in final stages, release maybe even this year, or early 2024.

Peace is one of the compositions on the album (albeit not this recording)

Sheetmusic for this piece can be downloaded here: (click here!)

A new CD! Yes! No! Well…

not really…let’s face it, there are many people now who don’t even have a cd player anymore. Vinyl is hot, and compact cassettes are even more hipster! Been there, done that… and I don’t even remember which tunes are on that cassette…

Vinyl is back (well, I can appreciate the much better looking artwork) Compact cassettes are making a comeback (Why!?) The time is right for a revival!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor wasrol

However, to keep things simple, I’ve released a selection of recordings online.

Absolutely free, nowhere cheaper, Listen or download for free! Really!

Listen, download? Visit 6,12 & 15 string Guitar


A new site

Well, that’s about time! A new site, that is viewable on tablets and smartphones! English section being added right now. Stay tuned!


PS some parts of the site don’t seem to get translated, like the site title (Guitarstudio Harald Koll) and the widgets. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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